Depression – the New Findings

Do antidepressants really help?

The real cause of depression is lost connection.

The loss of connection from your inner processes and inner life, and from the felt experience of the world around you.

The epidemic of loneliness – I.T. & smartphone – goes along with a mechanical, superficial way of responding to the real world –                 [ feeling, touching, smelling, …]

Functioning is not responding, is not living. Being overwhelmed – virtual tasks, information, news, – you don’t or can’t respond any more.

Real connection needs deep response to people, to nature, to animals, to values, …

Deep response, surrendering, it needs vulnerability.

Becoming able to pay real attention to what and who is around you, may turn out to be as effective as any treatment.

!!! connection to make with mirroring the other. Learning to mirror the other is a basic skill for connectedness with that other… Mirror neurons

To go against depression, you need to build up connectedness : to other people; to meaningful partnership in your couple; to sympathetic joy; to hope and future; meaningful work;

!!! Questionnaire on amount of (dis)connection, to send in to us.