What methods or techniques are used

From long experience, we have chosen the best methods and combined them in our way of working with couples.

  • Imago Relationship Therapy
  • EMDR
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Systemic Coaching

We have used these methods in our own relationship. They develop the most important skills – both practical and conceptual – couples need to survive the inevitable hard stretches, and even grow thanks to their crises.

Our best methods

Imago is a practical way of bridging the gap between your two very different worlds. You learn a structured way to dialogue when a problem comes up. The structure brings safety, enabling each to re-open up.

EMDR is used if a strong trauma from a partner’s past overly hinders an Imago Dialogue. This technique allows a trauma to be treated, and the observation by the other partner contributes to developing empathy.

Voice Dialogue helps each partner to realize what self-part or „voice“ of him/her is presently in control at key moments of an Imago Dialogue and to learn how to use his/her various self-parts harmoniously.

Each of us can bring about a change in our relationships if we develop ourselves further.